Images for Sale

All images for sale will have this green rectangle under them.
Postcards and photographs are all over 300dpi TIF format.
All one price @ AUD$12.00 each. Images will be burned on CD-R and mailed to you. Add $6.00 for postage and CD-R.
Send Payment with list of images in an envelope with return address clearly printed on back.
Cheque or Australian Money Order only, made payable to Peter Maltezos.

Send to:
Peter Maltezos
GPO Box 2469
Melbourne Vic 3001

Marvellous was an adjective used in the past to describe Melbourne during its Boomtime era in the late nineteenth Century.

Marvellous is also the description I use for the bustling modern metropolis that is Melbourne today!

This website is dedicated to Melbourne's built environment and was setup by me, The Collector to house my vast collection of images of Marvellous Melbourne, past and present.

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